capitalist economy

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an economic system based on private ownership of capital

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Luxemburg's take on such ideas was that they turned the capitalist economy into a 'merry-go-round which revolves around itself in mid-air' (quoted in Sweezy, 1942, 204-5).
Phelps embraces John Rawls' distributive justice approach in evaluating the modern capitalist economy and applies this conception of (economic) justice to the distribution of the rewards from work.
Drawing on the history of philosophy, literature, and conceptions of justice, he shows that the modern capitalist economy should be the choice for a just society, a flourishing society--a vital society--and that other choices based on the more pronounced communal values of corporatism would lead to stagnation and the undoing of what we have achieved.
As a result, Malthus' concerns about mass starvation have failed to materialize in any peaceful capitalist economy.
Visiting Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe has urged Kenyan investors to be patient as his country adjusts from a socialist to a capitalist economy.
And it implicitly leads to the acceptance of the thesis that capitalist economy, in general, will not ever be brought into accord with ethics.
In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged.
Dr Murtaza Mughal said that sliding gold prices is seen by some as failure of global capitalist economy which can now only be sustained by China and other emerging markets.
of Hong Kong) presents a massive analysis of Hong Kong's capitalist economy with a focus on economic freedom.
However, the second "IMA[R] Middle East Salary Survey" (November 2012) inexplicably again failed to include the most modern, thriving, capitalist economy in the region--Israel.
Lange's credentials as an accomplished neoclassical theoretician, however, lent considerable weight to his argument that a market socialist economic system, characterized by public ownership of the preponderance of capital utilized within large-scale corporate business enterprise, could successfully mimic the economic performance of a hypothetical perfectly competitive capitalist economy.
A vestige of communism, Poland's out-dated road network compares poorly to Western Europe and is largely unprepared for the level of traffic generated by a growing capitalist economy.
Forbes pointed out that Taiwan has a vibrant capitalist economy, the government is reducing its intervention in investment and trade, and large state banks and enterprises have begun to be privatized.
If ten years ago someone had raised the question of the cyclicality of the capitalist economy, the majority of the public would have thought him mad.
Even those sympathetic to Allende's regime admit that Chile's socialist economy was a crashing disaster; those who deplore Pinochet's rule must concede that the substantially capitalist economy is working, and working well.