capital of Tunisia

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the capital and principal port of Tunisia


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Shopping in Tunis Medina is an exciting experience Shopping in Tunis Medina is an exciting experience IF YOU ever find yourself on a road heading towards the capital of Tunisia there is one colour you will notice more than any other.
The three countries had their first meeting in January 2012 in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, and saw good participation from business delegations interested in establishing such collaborative ventures.
Representatives of other countries participating in the "Friends of Syria" in the capital of Tunisia are also expected to recognize the Syrian National Council.
Summary: Air Liquide Tunisie has announced the start-up of a new 70 tpd merchant liquid ASU at its site within the Borj Cedria industrial state, south of Tunis, capital of Tunisia.
Tunis <p>Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, placed ninth in the list of top Arab cities.
Movenpick Hotels Mvenpick Hotels & Resorts expansion plans in Tunisia are another milestone for the Swiss company, offering guests a unique experience in the thriving capital of Tunisia.
Tunisia, 18 Sept: The Tunisian-Kuwaiti Development Group has sealed agreement with three major international companies to manage major hotels in the capital of Tunisia and in several tourist cities of Tunisia.
France is a short distance away and the capital of Tunisia, in North Africa, retains influences from its former protectors.