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the capital and largest city of Mexico is a political and cultural and commercial and industrial center

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Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side) follows Magdiel, an aspiring composer from the drug capital of Mexico, as he faces two difficult choices: whether to traffic drugs and whether to cross the border illegally into the United States to better his life.
For your chance to win, simply name the capital of Mexico.
This series examined the competition between two Mexican towns over which should be considered the "Mummy Capital of Mexico.
Nuevo Vallarta is fast becoming the golf capital of Mexico, driven by the ambitious plans of Grupo Vidanta.
The Mexican state of Tamaulipas has reportedly invested heavily on infrastructure, with relatively recent highway improvements connecting Matamoros to Monterrey, the industrial capital of Mexico.
Due to the importance and the number of automotive companies that are located in this area, we're recognized as the automobile capital of Mexico, which is a little like Detroit in the U.
The backyard barbecue grill is more than an ideal way to cook Mexican food, it could also be one lucky cook's ticket for a trip to Oaxaca, the culinary capital of Mexico.
Mexico City, also reigns as the capital of Mexico, and a financial, political, and cultural stronghold for a country with borders touching the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Sea of Cortez.
Born in the capital of Mexico and primarily raised in Guadalajara, at age five he gave his first performance in front of an audience of 10,000 people.
Mexico City, where Eduardo lives, is the capital of Mexico and, with 20 million residents, one of the world's largest cities.