capital of Lebanon

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capital and largest city of Lebanon

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In the same picture might be the capital of Lebanon, which is two capitals.
Graeme Wilson was flown into the capital of Lebanon in a British Army helicopter to snatch his two children to safety in a race against time.
Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, faced the greatest challenge as it was the unfortunate site of the heaviest and most prolonged fighting.
TERRY Waite must have had mixed emotions when he made a recent visit to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.
The Western Marina in central Beirut, capital of Lebanon, is the jewel in the crown of a major property development scheme.
The environment is part of the natural endowment and capital of Lebanon and deserves its attention and concern.
However, the planning for the rebuilding of this once-thriving capital of Lebanon is well under way.
Being the capital of Lebanon and the center for the various governmental institution made it problematic for the committee.
NNA - Former PM Sd Hariri held Syrian President Bashar Assad responsible for the crimes, big and small, committed in Lebanon, and said in a statement issued Saturday by his media office that it is high time for the state to assume responsibility for the waning security situation in the second capital of Lebanon, Tripoli.
Calm should be restored in Tripoli, which is supposed to be an economic capital of Lebanon," said Thaer Moqaddam, the head of the Committee of Merchants of Azmi Street in Tripoli.