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I would drag out the large, heavy books so I could clarify that the date of the event was 1866, that Rome is the capital of Italy (but that wasn't always so), and the robber barons were Leland Stanford, Collis Potter Huntington, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker.
In October 1870 a plebiscite decided the Rome should be capital of Italy (Salvatoreli, 1939: 608).
Oregano restaurant was originally founded on the conviction that people all over the world experience the flavorsome recipes of Liguria - the culinary capital of Italy.
Mr So described Milan as an ideal location for "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" because it is "the financial and business capital of Italy, just as Hong Kong is the financial hub of Asia.
The move came after prosecutors in Milan, the financial capital of Italy, also opened an investigation into the case.
Lupa Capitolina (Capitoline's she-wolf, symbolising the foundation of Rome) is given annually by the Capital of Italy to those working to reaffirm the universal values of culture.
PNN Monday evening, 16th July, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas arrived to Rome, the capital of Italy, in an official visit that would last for two days, where he'll meet Italian senior officials.
Turin was the first capital of Italy, and RAI, the public Italian Radio-Television broadcasting organization, was started in Turin, which is still the headquarters of one of Italy's most important RAI production centers, the RAI Research Center and the RAI National Symphony Orchestra.
J'Go restaurant provides excellent food at a reasonable price - one of the best place to stay in Paris Rome The cultural capital of Italy is steeped in history and has always been a must-see destination for art and antique lovers the world over.
1865-1870: The capital of Italy is first moved to Florence in 1865 and then to Rome in October 1870.
uk cruise publish HOW TO ENTER Answer this question correctly for your chance to win: Q: What is the capital of Italy (a) Florence (b) Rome (c) Milan Call 0901 609 2317 and follow instructions.
The fashion capital of Italy, Milan, celebrates fashion for almost the entire month of September, with events planned from September 8-30.
Pakistan, May 16 -- Rome, the capital of Italy and the Lazio region, is the largest in the country and one of the most visited cities in the world.
This law is based on the idea that Rome's territory entails very high costs because of its administrative functions as capital of Italy, and therefore these costs ought to be acknowledged through the allocation of greater resources to the nation's capital.
ISLAMABAD, November 13, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Begum Fauzia Gilani, wife of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, will represent Pakistan at the 2ndNAM (Non Aligned Movement) First Ladies Summit being held in Rome, the capital of Italy, on November 15 (today).