capital of Idaho

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the capital and largest city of Idaho


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The plants will solidify Idaho Falls' position as the malt barley capital of Idaho, could make Idaho the nation's leading producer of malt barley, and give long-suffering rural Idahoans something to smile about after successive years of losing money on other crops.
From its perch in the foothills of the Sawtooth Mountains, this city, the capital of Idaho, has been one of the hot spots of the American West for several years, a place for high technology, and fly-fishing.
Boise, the capital of Idaho and its largest city, is the hub of commerce, banking and government for the state.
She promptly accepted the invitation to participate in the September 15-21 tournament to be played at Hillcrest Country Club in Boise, the capital of Idaho and corporate headquarters for Albertsons.
Unfortunately, a youngster is more likely to get close instruction in remembering the capital of Idaho than he is in how to make and follow a budget.