capital of Colombia

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capital and largest city of Colombia

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Bogota is the capital of Colombia and a center for all kinds of manufacturing, including several auto plants.
The Llanos Basin is located northeast of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, on the east side of the Andes Mountains.
A TEAM from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, provides the international flavour at this year's annual Llangoed International Sevens tournament next month.
The aircraft had been hijacked after taking off from Florencia for Bogota, the capital of Colombia.
The people of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, have just elected a left-wing mayor.
The Bogota council first approved a local proposal to prohibit these traveling shows in the capital of Colombia.
The first stop was Bogota, the capital of Colombia, where the headquarters for the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia is located.
Bogota is not only the capital of Colombia, but it is also the largest metropolitan city in the country.
In connection with the visit, a celebration will be held in honour of the Liaison Office of Finland, operating under the Finnish Embassy of Lima, opened in BogotEi, the capital of Colombia, in 2013.
On Saturday night she was supposed to be arriving in Bogota, capital of Colombia.
This week, Kemp heads to Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and a city with a reputation for being the most violent in the world.