capital of Argentina

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capital and largest city of Argentina

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The team will go to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, before making its way to Ushuaia in the province of Tierra del Fuego before doing conservation work in sub-zero temperatures.
The imposing mansion was named after Belgrano, a fashionable suburb of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.
This time I was going to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, where the passion for life is matched only by a love of the tango.
In addition to being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the industrial, political and cultural center of the country.
Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina and the country's largest city, is the nation's financial, industrial, commercial, and cultural center.
Buick said: "I also like the idea that the Welsh landscape is going to be shown in the capital of Argentina with its historic and linguistic connections to Wales.
28 (Saba) - Yemen is to take part in the International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition and Conference which is scheduled to be held in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires during the period of 5-9 October.
Buenos Aires, the elegant cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, offers a European feel but leaves a neighborhood impression.
The new company, Crys-Tel Argentina will be centered in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.