capital levy

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a tax on capital or property

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Without an upper bound imposed on capital income taxes, it is easy to see why a single capital levy at date 0 is optimal in the environment studied by Chamley (1986).
He recommends a national tax on financial property, a capital levy akin to, though not as extreme as, the capital levy Donald Trump has recently floated as a way to pay off the national debt.
Finally, to the extent that changes in the nominal stock of base money can be made unexpectedly, they impose an ex-post capital levy on holders of the state's unindexed nominal liabilities, including base money.
The district expects to do maintenance and construction projects through 2001 using its two mill capital levy, certificates of participation proceeds, or state funds.
VAT is best modeled as a labor income tax plus a one-time capital levy.
Up to three-fourths of the proceeds of the capital levy is available for lease payments.
THE NFU is seeking urgent talks with First Milk after the co-operative announced it is delaying the next milk payment by two weeks, increasing capital levy contributions and recouping extra capital from farmers at a time of financial pressure.
In March of last year, the Troika announced that as part of its deal for resolving the Cypriot banking/financial crisis, Cyprus would have to impose a "one-off capital levy," a one-time tax on savings deposits in Cypriot banks.
Former Associated Cooperative Creameries suppliers saw their price fall after the acquisition of the company by DFB last summer, and they also had to start paying a capital levy to help fund the acquisition.