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a tax on capital or property

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The rational dictator will find inflationary capital levies most worthwhile during emergencies (especially wars) that put present revenues at a large premium over future revenues by threatening his reign (Glasner [1989]).
The rating is based on the city's diverse and growing economy, anchored by the University of Missouri, strong financial practices and performance evidenced by steady tax funding of the capital program and healthy general fund reserves, and low debt levels, with all direct debt supported by user fees and dedicated capital levies.
However, three months later, on June 26, the eurozone finance ministers reversed their reversal and confirmed that more capital levies (which they sometimes euphemistically refer to as "stability fees" and "stability levies") would indeed be the model for dealing with troubled banks.
The usual enablers in the establishment media choir have been assisting in the subterfuge, pitching the new EU policy on capital levies as a boon relief to taxpayers and a long-overdue squeeze on "wealthy" investors and savers.
How credible are the assurances that the new EU capital levies will be aimed at the big institutional garners and not at the small depositors, the middle class savers?