capital gains tax

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a tax on capital gains

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The IRS disagreed with the gift tax valuation, contending solely that the value of the stock could not be reduced for potential capital gains tax.
Imagine Canada should put forward a much more detailed explanation and argument for the elimination of capital gains tax on securities donated to charities.
Entrepreneurs have long complained that the e-economy was being stifled by heavy capital gains tax charges which meant that employees and outside investors lose 40 per cent of their profits when they cash in their shares.
The best way to explain the structured sale strategy for the 1031 exchange and its capital gains tax benefit is to look at a real transaction.
The reformative agenda consist of three taxation issues, including review of capital gains tax, improvement of consolidated income tax, and substitution of energy tax for excise tax, as well as three financial issues, including management of national debt, review of municipal finance, and utilization of national assets.
The expected discrepancy between the current and future capital gains tax should spur commercial real estate owners into action.
Barry Fitzgerald from Co Galway topped the national name-and-shame list for under-declaration of income tax, capital gains tax and VAT.
Changes to capital gains tax announced in Alistair Darling's Pre-Budget report will leave entrepreneurs out of pocket in retirement, Britain's largest small business organisation has warned.
Capital gains tax is currently paid at 40% on any money made on the sale of an asset, with the rate reducing to a minimum of 24% after 10 years.
Thirdly, a tax regime that exempts the inflation component of interest income from tax has similar welfare properties as a tax regime that taxes capital gains tax on leased residential property.
For many investors, capital gains tax was the main concern prior to the announcement.
ISLAMABAD, June 15, 2010 (Frontier Star): Finance Minister Dr Hafiz Sheikh will give detailed briefing to the president Asif Ali Zardari with regard to market reservations on imposition of capital gains tax on the sale of shares and ongoing crisis in stock exchange.
A LEADING accountancy firm has warned businesses to prepare for a "two-fold" increase in capital gains tax in the coalition government's emergency Budget.
I'm wondering if we will have to pay capital gains tax on the sale?