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the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision

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Titan Health) has won a significant contract to recover over USD$2,100,000 in capital cost expenditures made by a regional US hospital for costs incurred to build a new hospital facility.
In a November 2010 report of over 100 pages - and based on public records concerning actual or planned capital expenditures of several hundred different modernisation projects valued at ~$265 billion - the authors discuss typical capital costs at each main stage of the iron and steelmaking process.
Would cover pay-and-display running costs and pay back capital costs over two years.
Because economy tissue grades are commodities, capital cost per ton is vital.
An additional benefit our customers identified is the ability to grow networks in a modular fashion based on customer demands, rather than bearing the capital costs for full ring deployment to accommodate the first one or two customer locations.
Capital cost is estimated at about $6,500-7,500 per daily barrel over a period of 25 years and $4,500-5,000 over 8-10 years.
and the Department of Finance, TEI recommended that the Department of Finance consider adopting a diminishing balance aggregate pool system that would permit taxpayers to recover the capital cost of leasehold improvements made to real property made by, or on behalf of, the tenants.
Microclimate modification has been achieved by increased insulation, using the structure's heat storage capacity, appropriate orientation, shading, natural ventilation, botanical regulation of humidity, air oxygenation and cleaning, without the capital cost and servicing associated with air-conditioning equipment.
Even with the added capital costs for the turret and multiple core sets, the Index machine will be very cost competitive with a 72-cavity system, says Koch.
Further, because of the way in which capital payments are defined, capital cost passthroughs have also contributed to the declining fiscal health of many hospitals by subsidizing debt financing.
Another consequence of the lumpiness of capital is that, relative to its size, capital cost per discharge varies more among hospitals than does operating cost per discharge.
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles characterize a capital cost as an expenditure that has a useful life greater than one year, is material in value and extends the useful life of the asset or increases its value.
For example, CELPAC in Chile wanted to reduce capital cost by eliminating the need for a package boiler by installing a huge steam accumulator.
Alternative treatments to date have varied, usually with the amounts involved and the accounting policy of the corporation, and typically have ranged from (i) expensing the amount; (ii) adding the amount to the Capital Cost Allowance pool to which the main asset belongs; or (iii) treating the spare parts as part of inventory.
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