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Synonyms for capillary

a tube of small internal diameter

any of the minute blood vessels connecting arterioles with venules

long and slender with a very small internal diameter


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Capillary tubes are drawn copper tubes that have internal diameters ranging from 0.
This section has been divided into two parts: First part comprising of literature on metastability in adiabatic capillary tubes and second part contains literature on diabatic capillary tubes.
2003) or only considered the refrigerant distributions among the paths without capillary tubes (Domanski 1991; Lee and Domanski 1997; Bensafi et al.
6 bar)) through the thin, flexible stainless steel capillary tubes to the points where cooling is required.
1957) and Mikol (1963) also confirmed the existence of metastability by conducting experiments on glass capillary tubes.
Linde's spot-cooling method uses liquid CO, injected in controlled pulses through tiny capillary tubes inserted into the mold cores or wherever extra cooling is needed.
Specific topics include predicting the static contact angle in circular capillary tubes, properties of injectable composite cements and their application in burst fracture of the spine, the surface modification of epoxy-ceramic coatings by plasma treatment, and analyzing low frequency noise induced by a spring floating slab.
To investigate whether fucoidan could suppress angiogenesis of rat aortic ring, rat aortic tissue was placed on the matrigel to allow it to form capillary tubes.
Currently SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes, capillary blood collection tubes, and micro hematocrit tubes are available in a wide variety of sizes and additives for a wide range of micro blood collection.
For Hct determination, capillary tubes were centrifuged for five minutes in a microhematocrit centrifuge (Damon/IEC), and Hct was determined using a microcapillary tube reader (Damon/IEC).
It is interesting that the outlet temperature of the two-stage cold plate holds quite steady (for multiple capillary tubes or for a shorter capillary length) or even declines continuously with the rising load.
During the study, the researchers used the machine to separate cancer-associated proteins in narrow capillary tubes based on their charge, which varies according to modifications on the proteins' surface.
There are heparinized capillary tubes available for fingerstick blood samples and non-heparinized tubes for anticoagulated blood samples.
In this article, we examine the effects of orientation on the adhesive characteristics of several typical industrial polymer melts through a comparison of experimental data taken in both straight-walled capillary tubes and semi-hyperbolically converging dies (SHCDs).
A total of 99 capillary tubes produced usable data: 67 from fledglings (48 individuals, 15 of which provided data for more than one date), 17 from adult males, and 15 from adult females.