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Postmortem survey of bile duct necrosis and biloma in hepatocellular carcinoma after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization therapy: Relevance to microvascular damages of peribiliary capillary plexus.
At this point the capillary plexus begins a maturation process involving the proximal to distal differentiation of selected parts.
Hence persistence, enlargement and differentiation of capillaries forming the initial capillary plexus, which would normally remain in a capillary state or even regress gives rise to arterial variations.
Their findings suggest that the arterial pattern of the upper limb develops from an initial capillary plexus by a proximal and distal differentiation, due to maintenance, enlargement and differentiation of certain capillary vessels, and the regression of others.
In the posterior lobe, blood from the inferior hypophysial artery flows into a capillary plexus, which supplies blood to surrounding tissues.