capillary bed

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a layer of tissue densely packed with capillaries

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The new sleek Softclix(R) design has a Comfort Dial(TM) feature with six settings so the user can adjust the lancet to penetrate no deeper than the capillary bed just below the skin.
This will act like a capillary bed and clothe the roots in damper compost, which sucks up all the moisture when added and makes it easy and freely available to those tiny roots that drink it in.
In this report, we challenge a common perception that tumor embolism is a size-limited event of mechanical arrest, occurring in the first capillary bed encountered by blood-borne metastatic cells.
AVMs represent abnormal communications between the pulmonary arterial and venous systems that bypass the capillary bed.
Founded in 2006, ThermalTherapeutics has developed a device that is designed to standardize the use and improve the medical control of hyperthermic and non-thermal perfusion (the process of delivering arterial blood to a capillary bed in biological tissue).
A high-precision automated surgical blade produces an accurate, clean-edged incision through the capillary bed and achieves a controlled depth of incision medically acceptable for preterm and term babies.
Fibrosis of the interalveolar septa results in obliteration of the pulmonary capillary bed secondarily diminishes blood flow to the major pulmonary artery segments, causing the hypoplastic arterial development.
The macula is supplied by a very intricate capillary bed, which is readily subject to damage through a range of vascular diseases, often in combination.
Improved peripheral vascular circulation noted with Horsechestnut Complex[R], in theory at least, results from improved venous return which decreases the pressure gradient across the capillary bed reducing interstitial leakage.
The vast majority of placental capillary bed is situated in terminal villi and arises from these vessels.
We speculate that improved venous drainage in the elevated forearm might have improved the amplitude of pulsations in the capillary bed of the finger placed in the oximeter probe.
The tiny reactor holds up to 50,000 liver cells distributed among 40 identical units that each resemble the capillary bed, or network, of a tissue.
We also see hyperplasia of the squamous lining, vasodilation of the underlying capillary bed, and edematous fluid in the subepithelial layers.
There is intense vasoconstriction of every capillary bed in the body, resulting in pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure that squeezes down the central circulation, leading to seizures.
The model assumes compression of the cerebral capillary bed by transmission of changes of intrathoracic pressure associated with ventilation.