capillary bed

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a layer of tissue densely packed with capillaries

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Oedema of fovea due to loss of the perifoveal capillary bed is commonly seen in juvenile onset diabetes.
In addition, glycation of the proteins on the red blood cell stiffens their external membranes, making it more difficult for the stiffened red cells to pass through the caramelized capillary beds one at a time.
A comparison of glucose levels in human patients revealed no difference between levels in rapidly collected samples versus blood "milked" or massaged from a finger lance, but the effect of squeezing a blood sample from a capillary bed remains unstudied for other hematologic values and in other species.
In the heart of mouse, myocardial reperfusion is increased by hyperglycemia that causes the increment of the adhesion of leucocytes to capillary bed and production of free oxygen radicals.
Intermittent hypoxia represents a risk for sudden death, cardiac failure and certain forms of hypertension (Jain, 2007; Lavie, 2003), also for diseases involved with reduced oxygen diffusion due to an increase in the distance between the capillary bed and mitochondria.
This will act like a capillary bed and clothe the roots in damper compost, which sucks up all the moisture when added and makes it easy and freely available to those tiny roots that drink it in.
In this report, we challenge a common perception that tumor embolism is a size-limited event of mechanical arrest, occurring in the first capillary bed encountered by blood-borne metastatic cells.
AVMs represent abnormal communications between the pulmonary arterial and venous systems that bypass the capillary bed.
A few ova pass through the liver and are held up in the pulmonary capillary bed or enter the systemic circulation, forming cysts in the lung, spleen, brain, bones, etc.
Founded in 2006, ThermalTherapeutics has developed a device that is designed to standardize the use and improve the medical control of hyperthermic and non-thermal perfusion (the process of delivering arterial blood to a capillary bed in biological tissue).
A high-precision automated surgical blade produces an accurate, clean-edged incision through the capillary bed and achieves a controlled depth of incision medically acceptable for preterm and term babies.
Fibrosis of the interalveolar septa results in obliteration of the pulmonary capillary bed secondarily diminishes blood flow to the major pulmonary artery segments, causing the hypoplastic arterial development.
The macula is supplied by a very intricate capillary bed, which is readily subject to damage through a range of vascular diseases, often in combination.
Improved peripheral vascular circulation noted with Horsechestnut Complex[R], in theory at least, results from improved venous return which decreases the pressure gradient across the capillary bed reducing interstitial leakage.
Although the transition between arterial and venous blood typically occurs in a capillary bed, direct connections (arteriovenous anastomoses) between a small artery and vein permit a short-circuiting of capillary beds (Figure 3-9).