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the quantity that a cap will hold

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But you can put a couple of capfuls of almost anything in five quarts of oil without doing a whole lot of damage.
To lighten stains, Mona Monaghan, from nail brand Sally Hansen, suggests soaking in a cup of water with three capfuls of hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes and brushing with a toothbrush in the soak afterwards, while Nonie says with a denture tablet also works wonders.
Simply add one or two capfuls (tablespoons) of the Concentrate to the free reusable drinking bottle that comes with Slender Cider, add water, and sip throughout the day.
Just mix two capfuls of Vacation with a cup of water (or three ounces per gallon of water).
BUTTER ROLLS 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup butter-flavored shortening (Lou Ann uses Crisco) Ice water (slightly more than when making pie crust) 1 1/3 cups sugar, divided 4 small capfuls vanilla (about 2 teaspoons), divided Butter, divided Nutmeg, divided Boiling water 1 cup heated milk [1] In large bowl, combine flour, salt, shortening and ice water.
A statement from DC Jason Hazel said: "Both the people suggested Kevin had been supplied with three capfuls, around 30ml the day before.
5 tbs No N/A 3 Dealers 1/2 tsp Yes Have had powder, unsafe sex 1-2 tsp on GHB liquid 4 Friend Unknown No N/A 5 Friend 2-4 cc No N/A 6 Friend 1/2 vial Yes Same 7 Sex partner Unknown Yes Same 8 Father of 1 tsp to Yes Don't know girlfriend 1 Tbs 9 Dealer Varied-- Yes Less in clubs different or local bottles had dealer different effects 10 Friend's 1/2 capful No N/A gnest 11 Dealers 2-3 capfuls Yes Same 12 Friend 2-3 tsp Yes Less 13 Dealer 2-3 capfuls Yes Less 14 Friend 2 oz Yes Was not safe when used GHB 15 Friends 2-3 glass Yes Same vials 16 Internet, 2-3 grams Yes Less * health food stores in the past 17 Friend 1 Tbs No N/A N/A = Not Applicable * "I wouldn't haue unsafe sex, but I passed out during sex and the other person was not using a condom.
The maker of the washing solution he uses recommended two capfuls for a big bucket of water.
By contrast, two capfuls of biodegradable No Rinse Wash and Shine ($12.