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the quantity that a cap will hold

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Take out the floor mats so the entire serving area can be sweep and mopped with warm water and a capful of bleach.
The court heard Wright poured a capful of the clear liquid from a small bottle into the woman's glass and into his.
By simply pouring a capful of powder into the toilet, a thick, scouring foam breaks down tough toilet stains like rust, hard water and calcium as it rises to the rim, coating the entire bowl.
Pre-treat those food-stained garments with Clorox 2(R) and then pour a capful into your entire colored load.
The directions say to put this in the washing machine's drawer but it worked better when I poured a capful straight into the drum.
It is sold illegally for $5 to $25 per capful and can be added to water or alcohol, in which case it is known as liquid Ecstasy and as a date rape drug.
sucker fillets 2 large eggs I small onion I capful lemon extract 1 large box soda crackers (Saltines) Salt and pepper Patties Grind fish once with fine blade then grind again adding onion, soda crackers--six or so at a time.
He measured a capful of the substance and put it into his drink and my own," she told the jury.
Add 1 tsp finely grated root ginger (or capful of tincture of ginger from herbalist) and either a little stevia or 1 tsp manuka honey.
Apparently they use a capful of this substance in a dishwasher to wash glasses.
Pretending she was going to drink it, she suddenly launched capful at G, who started shrieking, 'My shirt's gone all see-through.
The oil can be used straight on the skin for an aromatherapy massage, or drizzle a capful into the bath.
Then apply a mixture of one capful of shampoo and lukewarm dishwater to the stain.
Then rinse in clean, cool water to which a capful of white vinegar has been added (use a basin or sink not employed for food).