cape gooseberry

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annual of tropical South America having edible purple fruits

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Organoleptic properties were very good in fermented yellow wine produced from cape gooseberry juice fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae imported from European countries, such as Turkey (Tulip) [6].
But she had me in fits of giggles when she dyslexically mentioned the single cape gooseberry,or physallis, sitting shyly on her plate by a name usually attributed to a rather nasty disease.
placed third with seared Washington duck breast, cape gooseberry grilled pear compote and veal demi.
Eash, team leader Anthony Waiss, and others intend to crossbreed tomatoes or potatoes with cape gooseberry - a distant relative.
Fusion requires zapping cells from cape gooseberry and tomato or potato leaves with electricity.
If you'd like to grow poha (Physalis peruviana, also called Cape gooseberry or husk cherry), you can order seeds now.
Otherwise known as Golden-berry or Cape Gooseberry, the sweetened dried fruit has three times more fiber than a similar serving of prunes.
IF you like the idea of growing your own Cape gooseberry then take a look at the new dwarf variety, Little Lantern, from Suttons.
Seared Washington Duck Breast with Cape Gooseberry Grilled Pear Compote
If you want to try unusual fruits then one which can be grown in the flower garden is the Chinese lantern, Physalis, which is also known as the Cape gooseberry.
To eat them you just peel back the calyx and there you are - a cape gooseberry which has been protected from chemical spray, pollution or anything else in its natural packaging.
The edible version of the Chinese Lantern is called Physalis edulis, commonly called the Cape Gooseberry, and you will often find this being served up as part of a delicious desert in some restaurants.
Score: 2 Add rum and amaretto and a cape gooseberry.
The garden lanterns are hardy perennials while the larger-fruited true Cape gooseberry, P.