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clothed in finery (especially a horse in ornamental trappings)

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A gorgeous, barbaric procession of painted warriors in jewel-studded harness and waving feathers; vicious, squealing thoats caparisoned in rich trappings; far above their heads the long lances of their riders bore fluttering pennons; foot-soldiers swinging easily along the stone pavement, their sandals of zitidar hide giving forth no sound; and at the rear of each utan a train of painted chariots, drawn by mammoth zitidars, carrying the equipment of the company to which they were attached.
A very broad, gaily caparisoned divan, some twelve or fourteen feet long, extended across one side of each room, and opposite were single beds with spring mattresses.
In the words of a Christian historian, Anthony Nutting, "Umar taught the caparisoned throng of Christian commanders and bishops a lesson in humility by accepting their surrender in a patched and ragged robe and seated on a donkey.
Pair of caparisoned horses, China, Northern Qi period (550-577 AD), painted and gilt earthenware, ht 63cm.
A caparisoned elephant carried the historical Bibi-ka-Alam during the Muharram procession near Charminar.
People in Kerala celebrate the annual festival with caparisoned elephants, fireworks and a battle of colourful umbrellas known as "kudamattom".
What impression would these red caparisoned bishops have left on the "ascetic" CM?
This was announced in a recent press conference at Diamond Hotel, presided over by CCP vice president, Chris Millado, and festival director, poet Vim Nadera, who came caparisoned in a Moriones costume.
Indeed, the dark-suited, bearded men or smartly caparisoned women in Fischl's new paintings deeply resemble the grandees who sat for those once immensely prominent society portraitists.
A caparisoned mare carrying a bridegroom on its back in a marriage procession is a common sight in many parts of India.
Cervantes draws particular attention to the chivalric romances, those ravishing flights of untrammeled fancy that had bedazzled Spanish readers for several generations by the time Don Quixote galloped across the Spanish plains on the back of his caparisoned nag, Rocinante.
Well-trained caparisoned cheetahs joined these elites on hunting and coursing expeditions, where they helped track and bring down game.
Mysore Dasara is one of the most documented festivals, having been chronicled in medieval times, and culminates in a colourful procession, complete with caparisoned elephants, horses and camels, to commemorate the day Hindus believe that deity Chamundeshwari killed the demon Mahishasura.
The 30 minute ceremony commences with the PBG troops, astride their caparisoned, sleekly muscled, powerful and well groomed steeds advancing from behind the Jaipur column to fore gate with a music played by the Army Brass Band.
Then, follow white elephants caparisoned in countless gorgeous colours, and infinite in number and attendance (2009: 3).