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Synonyms for caparison

stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse

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His caparison embraced also cross-dressing, and it was his frequent wont to don a PVC skirt, high heels, and a black wig.
He could meet his bride seated majestically on the caparison of an elaborately decorated elephant, and she would look ravishing swathed and bejeweled in Indian finery.
White Touraine can be made from a number of different grapes, but for a direct caparison to Sancerre look for Sauvignon de Touraine.
Gold is everywhere: in the elaborately tooled backgrounds and haloes, in the highlights of draperies and in the very texture of their weave; in the brightness cast by heavenly apparitions and in every accoutrement and caparison worn by man or beast.
Quixote attacked an itinerant barber and seized the poor barber's bowl, which he declared to be the famous golden helmet of Mambrino, and his packsaddle, which he believed to be a richly jeweled caparison.
Therefore, we tried to conduct sentiment analysis of Koran eWOM using machine learning models and see usability through performance caparison.
YENy DELHy (CyHAN)- Embedded with extended features and priced considerably low in caparison to other gadgets in its segment, SKY tablet was Monday launched in the national capital.
We now happily dispel all doubts about its status as an early work by Fra Angelico, and even direct our gaze to what might well be this artist's only known "signature" (on the caparison of the horse at the far right).
Adding to their woes, during the night, clusters of burning torches are held in front of the parading elephants so that the caparison on their heads and other ornaments on them glitter in the dark.
It was exciting for doting mamas to caparison their kids in fancy costumes and let them parade around the oval for all Manila to see.
I know of a treasure chest in the castle containing the table service of the Horeszko family along with all manner of rings, necklaces, bracelets, rich plumes, caparisons, and prodigious swords.
I am not sure there is moe to this bull worship by farmers in Maharashtr than just simple gratitude, honouring their bulls but the festival always happens a few days before Ganeshotsav (Diwali being not the only festival observed on a dark moon night) and it was always a treat to see them take out their animals in procession, dressed in colourful caparisons or shawls much like the Mysore elephants, with ribbons tied to their horns.
They, like Antonio, the dramatists perhaps suggest, may 'Keep [their] caparisons, [they're] aptly clad' (4.
Mussel every night when the bonfires howl and birds do not fly overhead Mussel because this mounting is sweeter than a cardinal's melody At the hour of the Holy of Holies the delights of the fingertips Are dissolved in the mouth The music crawls With the strength of caparisons Mussel clean and oblong secretly opening Its aroma of sandalwood its sweetness Of lemonade
And the 18-year-old is eager to forge his own reputation as a Gunners legend after his stellar display against Slavia Prague invited caparisons with the Frenchman.