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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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Effect of affinity purified SP-HBP on acrosome damage (mean [+ or -] SE) during pre-freeze and frozen-thaw phase of cryopreservation Bull number Pre-freeze Control (1) Capacitated Acrosome reacted 1 20.
Current, "An improved heuristic for the capacitated arc routing problem," Computers & Operations Research, vol.
Emel A new Hybrid Electromagnetism-like Algorithm for capacitated vehicle routing problems Expert Systems with Applications ,37, 3427-3433 (2010).
The assumed model is a single level, multi-item, multi-period case of a capacitated lot sizing problem, with backorders and setup times considerations included.
An in vitro assay system was optimized to study binding of capacitated human sperm to ZP3 coated beads.
In Section 3, we provide an overview of the clustering and capacitated clustering literature.
Sridharan, 1995) presents a survey of research conducted in capacitated plants up to 1995.
Also, C1q promotes agglutination in capacitated sperm, but not in freshly ejaculated sperm [8].
Her second conclusion involves an argument that some religiously based decisions are "incapacitated," but that our sociocultural respect for religious beliefs and practices leads many bioethicists to view decision-makers as both capacitated and competent to make their own decisions.
The town,'' June Lake tackleman Jeremy Ross said of the Eastern Sierra's unofficial capital, Mammoth Lakes, ``is capacitated.
In this paper, we review only the aspects of PMS affected by the problems of JIT, pre-emption with set-up and capacitated machine scheduling.
Principal Jennifer Corpuz said that the training also capacitated the employees in all aspects of life that could help improve their teaching.
The authors have organized the chapters that make up the main body of their text in nine parts devoted to a review of the existing literature, bi-objective capacitated supply chain networks, multiple measures driven capacitated multi-echelon supply chain networks, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
As part of their implementation, the core programs formulated their GAD plan to ensure that women-beneficiaries were capacitated and provided with the opportunity to participate in leadership action and decision-making in their communities.
Also, media needs to be continuously updated on issues and capacitated to link climate change issues with the development issues like access to energy, clean and affordable energy to make an economic case.