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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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The VCL value increases when sperm are capacitated and our results showed that HP exposed sperm exhibited the best VCL.
In this work, we will discuss Two Stage Capacitated Warehouse Location Problem (TSCWLP).
The mathematical programming approach to the capacitated facility location problem originates from the assumption that goods distribution is performed from a primary source via warehouses or other places of goods transhipment to the particular customers (Jovanovic et al.
The book reviews algorithmic development in the context of GAs and GP, and describes their application to two combinatorial optimization problems (the traveling salesman problem and the capacitated vehicle routing problem) using HeuristicLab, a paradigm-independent and extensible environment for heuristic optimization, as a platform for algorithmic development.
We attempted to develop a simple assay system to analyse the binding of capacitated human spermatozoa to human zona pellucida glycoprotein-3 (ZP3) using baculovirus-expressed recombinant human ZP3 coated beads.
Second, we propose and analyze the performance of three stopping rules for capacitated hierarchical clustering.
There are two variants of FCFLP: a) uncapacitated facility location problem (UFLP), and b) capacitated facility location problem (CFLP).
Watch manager John James said: "The fire service and paramedics had to rescue an in capacitated man from Cedar Crescent in Low Fell.
Sridharan,1995) presents a survey of research conducted in capacitated plants up to 1995.
If they work within the view I criticize and Cohen defends, medical professionals are left with the options of either not respecting the patient's religious belief or her decision based on it by declaring her incompetent, or pretending that the patient is capacitated while implicitly departing from the standard conception of capacity.
This will not have an effect on the first wave of sperm migration, but will on later waves of capacitated sperm which begin 10 hours after intercourse and continue for several days.
The town,'' June Lake tackleman Jeremy Ross said of the Eastern Sierra's unofficial capital, Mammoth Lakes, ``is capacitated.
The single product variation of this problem is addressed in this paper and is called the capacitated dynamic lot-sizing problem with startup and reservation costs.
Chapter 12: Consent by the mentally capacitated patient
She emphasised that the procurement unit should be adequately capacitated for the Ministry of Trade and Industry to achieve best value procurement, and that the integrity of all procurement personnel should never be put to question.