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make legally capable or qualify in law

cause (spermatozoa) to undergo the physical changes necessary to fertilize an egg

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make capable

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31/1954 care prevad faptul ca persoana care a implinit varsta de 18 ani are capacitate deplina de exercitiu si ca atare are si capacitate procesuala deplina (11).
South Africa is also involved in governance training Programmes to capacitate Southern Sudanese Officials within the context of the Capacity and Institution Building Project for Southern Sudan.
Current and future technology trends are also reviewed--both existing optical type sensors as well as some of the alternative technologies currently being explored such as capacitate and acoustic sensors.
The FFS aims to capacitate farmers where learning takes place in the fields where the farmers can actively participate, observe, analyze, experiment, consult and identify solutions to the problems encountered.
On the ground, we likewise witness and feel the support extended by the international community, apart from the generous financial aid that foreign countries pour to rehabilitate roads, construct bridges and schools, and capacitate communities in Mindanao.
As a company always in the pursuit of technology companies that can make a significant difference, BT Cellnet has found that Netverk will capacitate more enriching GPRS services.
OWWA Caraga responded to the request of TODA members in consonance with its relentless endeavor to provide reintegration services among OFW organizations and capacitate them with various organizational developmental trainings.
Aiming to sensitize trainees for their role in advancing and protecting rights of women workers, and to capacitate them with knowledge and skills to address wide range of human rights problems.
The project aims to develop a critical mass of sustainable upland communities and capacitate them to increase their incomes, reduce poverty and promote ecological awareness, Song further said.
The aim of this project is to capacitate civil society to improve its monitoring and advocacy across the continent.
With the increasing number of tourist arrivals in the region, these priority development projects will further improve capability of our tourism frontliners, empower the LGUs, as well as capacitate the local communities that work in the tourism industry , she said.
The services are powered by Compunetix's widely deployed system application program interfaces (APIs) that capacitate converged technologies and help service providers maximize their business.
Rodriguez stressed the need to institutionalize a national program to capacitate the poor and to increase their economic activities through technical and business skills training, employment promotion, liberal provision of and easy access to credit and financing to enable them to actively participate in the economic mainstream.
The back-up tape drives have also been updated to capacitate the storage of increased information and have unlimited advantages for brokerage clients using Reserve's combined statements services.
I-REAP proponent groups in the municipality have also attended series of trainings in business plan preparation and financial management to further capacitate them in handling the enterprise development sub-project.