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Synonyms for capacious

Synonyms for capacious

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

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large in capacity

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238) Significantly, the concurrence also noted the statute's pernicious overbreadth; that it restricted speech all too extensively and capaciously "at convenient times of day, as well as inconvenient times of day; one-time messages, as well as repeated messages; brief automated calls as well as long ones--in short, speech that does not intrude unduly, as well as speech that does.
But those socialist overlords are only interested in flimflamming them into keeping them in the positions of power for which they so capaciously slaver.
Not all readers will be persuaded that history, however, capaciously defined, should include all that Smith wishes it to.
So goes the near-unanimous reaction of the art world to the probable merger of the august, hyper-institutional Museum of Modern Art and the capaciously funky P.
with what might capaciously be designated process writ large--with ensuring broad participation in the processes and distributions of government.
the courtesy of defining consent capaciously, instead of focusing
Many external limits are indeed specified in the text; depending on how capaciously one reads the text and how willingly one rejects principles that do not seem textual, the total proportion of external limits that is textually specified might be higher or lower.
Others are more capaciously framed to bring firms into
Kirby-Smith capaciously considers pre-twentieth century instances of the poetic species in question.
One of the further strengths of the study is that it is embedded in a capaciously conceived Romantic literary culture.
that it was in the interests of her health--defined capaciously to
Drawing capaciously on a wide range of literary and philosophical sources, she uses archival materials and the works of John Bunyan, the 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, Oliver Goldsmith, Christopher Smart, and William Wordsworth to disclose how the languages of science and the market economy shape their defenses of spontaneity and the language of feeling.
Think of it overlapping with fiction, myth, even, for instance, something you're rather capaciously familiar with--that kind of overlapping.
7) Under the jurisprudence of the Warren Court, Ely argued, "the selection and accommodation of substantive values is left almost entirely to the political process," (8) and judicial review is concerned solely with "what might capaciously be designated process writ large--with ensuring broad participation in the processes and distributions of government.
If we wish to be able capaciously to judge, as of course we must" Geertz writes in one the essays that Windschuttle distorts so relentlessly, "we need to make ourselves able capaciously to see.