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North American wild duck valued for sport and food

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Scaup and canvasback will turn to a well-executed "purr" or "growl" as prettily as any greenhead.
Bartonek JC and Hickey JJ: Food habits of canvasbacks, redheads, and lesser scaup in Manitoba.
The Canvasback features a black chrome finish, the Redhead has a silver coin finished receiver and the top-of-the-line Woodcock offers color case-hardening.
Over the years, Carpenter has acquired an impressive array of awards, including the Parks Canada Annual Heritage Award, the Ducks Unlimited Canvasback Award, the Fisheries and Wildlife Regional Directors Commendation Award, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference Bill Edmunds Award, and the Roland Michener Conservation Award, to name just a few.
There again will be a spinning-wing decoy date and pintail and canvasback harvest dates.
A DRAKE canvasback - from North America - has arrived at Pennington Flash Country Park in Leigh, Lancs.
A partnership between Ducks Unlimited and Schrade Cutlery produces the Canvasback Decoy Commemorative knife.
Canvasback Equipment, a large, meticulously laid-out store on Kirkness Road, is packed with equipment and supplies for dogs, cats and horses.
Bouillet Collection of Wildlife Art," I saw that the Bobwhite Quail, the Wood Duck, the Canvasback, the Canada Goose, the Bufflehead, the Green-Winged Teal and the Ruddy Duck I were still available.
OTC BB:RCAA) announced that Canvasback Company Limited, a major lender to the company, has converted a $450,000 loan to restricted capital stock valued at $0.
Canvasback floaters went to the south end, close to where we would be sitting, and the redheads were set half in the middle and the other half on the east end with the coots mixed throughout.
Daily bag limits are no more than six ducks in aggregate with no more than four of any species not additionally restricted in the following list: 1 black, 1 canvasback, 1 fulvous, 2 hooded merganser, 4 mallard (only 2 female), 1 mottled, 2 pintail, 2 redhead, 2 scaup, 3 wood duck, 7 sea ducks (eiders, scoters, and long-taileds), 4 all other duck species.
Canvasback chose EarthBox garden boxes because they are self-watering, high-yielding, weed-free, easy-to-use, and space-efficient.
No one would have predicted the big surprise of a drake canvasback at any time of the year let alone July.
As we pass willows edging Rodman Slough, adjacent to the Rodman Ranch rookery; a canvasback dives underwater near our boat, and a cluster of swallows passes overhead.