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Besides the people who were housed in frame buildings, many have shacks and not a few are still in canvas tents.
The Martinezes lived in a sweltering canvas tent in the middle of a dusty field that turned instantly into a sea of mud at the first drop of rain.
For more than a decade, taxonomists had classified this chunky, short-tailed bird as part of the Hawaiian honeycreeper family, which gives off an odor resembling that of a musty canvas tent.
The small green canvas tent was hidden from view of thousands of motorists who circle the busy island every day.
We were all sitting around - myself, Cameron Diaz, and Daniel Day Lewis - in a canvas tent.
Detectives are focusing their investigation on the worn canvas tent covering his fully-clothed body and reported sightings of 'a number of strangers' in the area around the time Rory went missing.
Rory's body had been found under a green canvas tent in woods last Sunday.
When I was a kid we had a big canvas tent that was a real event to set up.
Forensics investigators scoured the scene for clues and placed a canvas tent over the spot where the victim was found.
Lived in tent on mountain A COUPLE, both of Caerphilly, said to be living with three children in a canvas tent on a mountain top, were each sentenced to six months' imprisonment at Caerphilly yesterday for neglecting three children in a manner likely to cause them suffering.
Dressed in heavy woolen pants, work shirt, suspenders and straw pipe hat, Hayden took shelter under a canvas tent to avoid the hot midday sun.
and Barnum & Bailey, the country's oldest entertainment company, has made the first major changes to its circus since 1956, when it switched to an arena instead of a canvas tent.
The steel trailer can tow up to 3,500 pounds and convert to a comfortable canvas tent that sleeps up to six adults in less than two minutes.
Their green canvas tent was pitched beside two Army Humvees at "Camp Pasture," the rural Elmira backyard of their medic unit commander, Sgt.