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the musical director of a choir

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the official of a synagogue who conducts the liturgical part of the service and sings or chants the prayers intended to be performed as solos


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Cantor's Historic Moment [Capitol J] Cantor Won't Rule Out Cuts to National Security Budgets [National Journal] Repealing Health-Care Reform Would Cost Hundreds of Billions of Dollarsand Eric Cantor Knows It [Ezra Klein] Related: Introducing Nan HayworthAlmost the Second Jewish Republican in Congress [Mitz Vote]
Jewish activists like Cantor faced many challenges.
It was my parents' choice to send me to a private school, and I think it made me realize who I am and allowed me to identify that much more with the Jewish faith," Cantor says in his buttery soft Southern accent.
In a sense, on most prayers, all cantors do the same but add nuances.
Cantor, for one, suspected the answer was no, but he couldn't prove it.
Although Cantor Fitzgerald International is the parent company of Cantor Sport, the Jockey Club has given its blessing to the sponsorship.
Some of these changes could create both opportunities and challenges for Cantor.
Shiela had come to us in 1993 wanting to know if it was OK for her to start a fan club,'' said Cantor's grandson, Brian Gari, whose mother, Janet, was one of five daughters of Eddie and Ida Cantor.
11, Cantor Fitzgerald lost 658 staff inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
Cantor is a preeminent capital markets investment bank serving more than 5,000 institutional clients around the world, recognized for its strengths in institutional equity and fixed income sales and trading and for its expanding presence serving the middle market with investment and merchant banking services, prime brokerage, and commercial real estate financing.
It can be cantors or it can be Alan Eder and Friends drumming Sufi music with African drums,'' said Taubman.
Seinuk, with a two-thirds interest in Cantor Seinuk, serves as chief executive officer and Irwin G.
Lee Amaitis, President and CEO of Cantor Gaming, said: "We have an unparalleled database of statistics on team and player performances, and a technology platform that is accustomed to processing over $140 trillion in financial transactions every year.
Metropolitan West Securities said Monday it will acquire a portion of Cantor Fitzgerald's client base valued at $3.
Our existing equities business and commitment to our clients offers a breadth of unparalleled products and services across the globe and I am confident that Cantor is well positioned for substantial continuing growth and significantly enriched access to a broadening platform for our clients.