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Synonyms for Canton

a small administrative division of a country

provide housing for (military personnel)

divide into cantons, of a country

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According to the indictment, Zavieh opened a secret account with UBS in 1989 and moved that account to the cantonal bank in 2008 after Gadola warned him the UBS account was in danger of being revealed to the IRS.
For cantonal total expenditure, the fiscal referendum and the legislative initiative had previously been found by Feld and Matsusaka (2003a) to constrain spending at the cantonal level.
Investigators of the Zurich cantonal police arrested three men in Zurich-Wollishofen and seized 350 grams of heroin, 850 grams of extenders and 7,770 SFr.
In cooperation with cantonal, municipal, and city authorities in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, with UK funding and World Bank expertise, we plan concrete improvements that will help the private sector succeed and grow, creating new jobs and sending a message that Bosnia and Herzegovina is open for business.
Allied with this, is the increasing demand for school places, as cantonal economic development departments compete with each other to persuade international companies to move their headquarters to their region with the lure of low tax rates, an excellent infrastructure and a stable economy.
Zurich Cantonal Bank, one of the leading FX liquidity providers in Switzerland and central Europe with an AAA rating, brings its core strength in Swiss franc and the other major currencies to the Reuters Trading for Foreign Exchange (RTFX) platform.
NEW YORK -- New York and London-based Coexis has introduced an ASP (application service provider) service with Swisscanto Funds Centre Limited to extend the mutual fund processing facilities offered to the Cantonal (regional) banks in Switzerland.
Cantonal politicians in Aargau have sparked fierce debate by voting in favour of a Standesinitiative (a cantonal proposal to amend the federal constitution), banning women from wearing the burka and similar forms of clothing that cover the face.
IFBS's clients include ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland), Credit Suisse, Bank Vontobel AG, Banca del Gottardo, Zurich Cantonal Bank, LGT Financial Services AG, VP Bank, and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV).
Tenders are invited for Construction of Witness Support Offices and additional works at the Cantonal Court in Zenica and Cantonal Prosecutor s Office in Zenica
We have standardized on Siebel Finance, providing more than 4,000 employees access to real-time, comprehensive customer information across multiple channels, including the call center and 114 Zurich branches," said Ursula Zweidler, Project Portfolio Manager and Siebel Systems Owner, Zurich Cantonal Bank.