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Cantle, 24, of Aldbourne Road, Radford, and Entwistle, 26, of Dog Lane, Napton, were found guilty in February of controlling a child prostitute and supplying her with cocaine.
Professors Cantle and Kauffman said the figures were bad news for local communities where segregation could lead to an increase in prejudice and intolerance.
A visibly emotional John Cantle described his son as an outgoing young man who "lived for life" and said he had his son as an outgoing young man who "lived for life" and said he had wanted to be a pilot since he was 15.
Cantle identified how different 'communities' live 'parallel lives'.
Airline chairman Noel Hayes said he was absolutely satisfied the flight crew - co-pilot Andrew Cantle from York and Spanish pilot Jordi Gola Lopez - were fully qualified.
At under 19 level the players were Hywel Robinson, David Haley, Sam Cantle, Tesni Evans and Natalie Pritchard.
Witness Beryl Cantle, 66, said: "There were dozens of police.
Professor Ted Cantle, a senior government adviser on community cohesion, gave a short speech at the seminar and told delegates that Dewsbury - where schoolgirl Shannon Matthews was kidnapped by her mother - has been blighted by social problems.
Ted Cantle, who has produced the report into last summer's riots, says so.
The controversial suggestion in the Cantle Report, which was commissioned by Home Secretary David Blunkett, goes even further than Mr Blunkett's recent comments that new arrivals should learn English and adopt British "norms".
To contact AR Europe for the appropriate sales representative for your country, call Tom Cantle at +44 (1908) 28-82-40 or send an email to tcantle@ARworld.
The Cantle Report a year later noted that these towns appeared fragmented and polarised in terms of ethnicity.
Directed by head of drama, Sarah Cantle, the students also contributed to the production of the costumes and set.
The victims were pilot Jordi Gola Lopez, co-pilot Andy Cantle, Brendan McAleese, Pat Cullinan, Captain Michael Evans and Richard Noble.
We are told this by Labour's own appointee, Ted Cantle, in his official report into the 'race' riots of 2001.