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projecting horizontal beam fixed at one end only

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project as a cantilever

construct with girders and beams such that only one end is fixed

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The results of the two methods agree well statistically and reinforce the previous observation that the six test cantilevers are very similar in spring constant and that the measured calibration values are about 30 % less than the nominal values reported by the manufacturer.
The pyroelectric cantilevers, about 1 mm on a side, are anchored to a substrate attached to a hot surface.
For each series capacitance, two equal cantilevers are used in parallel.
Prostheses with cantilevers have to endure an increased load on the implants next to their distal extensions.
For the section of the building that cantilevers at level 10, this involved engineering a beam that could support the weight of construction of the following seven storeys, until the level 17 beam was put in place, enabling the shearing forces to be shared between the two beams.
A hybrid method for calibration of AFM cantilevers was introduced where the effects of backside coating is included.
Therefore, in this study, construction stage analysis was performed for balanced cantilever construction technique to check the safety and serviceability of the bridge.
Although piezoresistive cantilevers have proven to be highly beneficial detection methods, without effective mechanical amplification schemes, their sensitivity is far below that of optical methods.
Powerlines will also supply overhead catenary, 500 GRP cantilevers, clamps, switches, motorised switch controls and tensioning for the electrification of a new 13km line and depot in Izmit.
cantilevers, nanowires (NWs) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs).
The technology to fabricate AFM cantilevers takes advantage of technology developed for the semiconductor industry to make similar scale devices and features from single crystal silicon or silicon nitride (Si3N4).
The researcher achieved the results based on the proposed relation between the sensitivity of specific cantilevers mode to the toughness and softness of nanoparticles studied by him.
Using tiny cantilevers (or beams) no wider then a human hair, Ndieyira and his colleagues take advantage of the cellular stress that antibiotics, when effective, impose on a target bacteria's cell wall.
It is composed of two modules stacked perpendicularly to each other, and the top module cantilevers to create the front and back porches.
The microelectromechanical (MEMS) antenna is made from metal-coated silicon or silicon-nitride cantilevers that can be charged electrically, and an optical readout system.