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either of the corners of the eye where the upper and lower eyelids meet

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Dacryocystitis present as a swelling near the medial canthus of eye and pressure over the lacrimal sac express purulent secretions from lacrimal punctum.
0 cm (former limit: binocular posterior inner canthus connection; posterior limit: external acoustic meatus connection; and internal limit: sagittal suture).
The most common sites of involvement of periocular BCC are the lower eyelid, the medial canthus, the upper eyelid and the lateral canthus respectively.
Evaluation of recurrent BCC cases in the literature reveals that tumors of the morpheaform subtype and those located in the medial canthus are particularly prone to recurrence.
In addition, the small flap is well hidden in the lateral canthus and associated with a natural appearance.
Frontal area punctate on anterior third; laterofrontal tubercles slightly developed; frontal fossae punctate and glabrous; ocular canthus with scarce setae.
1,7) Despite this, actual bony involvement occurs in less than one-third of dermoid cysts, and this is found more commonly in deep dermoids located intraorbitally or at the lateral canthus.
2) The tears drain into the conjunctival sac on the bulbar surface of the lower lid and then exit via the inferior and superior nasolacrimal puncta at the medial canthus.
Thermal images of the inner canthus of their eye and middle finger nail bed, representing core and peripheral temperatures, respectively, were taken at baseline, 1st, and 2nd hour.
Mucopumlent discharge noted from the inner canthus of the right eye.
Then two chains were applied over the forelimbs and a hook inserted in the medial canthus of eye to pull the fetus.
Stab incisions were made in the lid approximately 2 mm from the lid margin to avoid the lash roots and are made just lateral to the upper punctum and approximately 3 mm from the lateral canthus.
She reported associated discomfort from frontal pressure and pain in the area of the right medial canthus.