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Synonyms for canted

departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal

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May be worn strong side with the pistol butt canted forward, cross draw with butt canted downward or in the small of the back with a more horizontal carry.
Other challenging holes include ``Sliver,'' the narrow, 194-yard 10th, which plays between left-side channel and right-side creek; ``Redan,'' the 145-yard 13th, which plays slightly uphill to to a canted green guarded by a left-fronting bunker, and ``Precision,'' the 167-yard 18th, which brings right-side lake and left-side channel into play and further tests golfers with an undulating green.
The roofs of the latter carry service floors treated sculpturally as separate pods with canted ends and a different cladding.
Types of wheels include standard, curved vane, canted vane and direct drive wheels.
The company will feature its Canted Coil Spring contacts and connectors in booth #1003 at the event, which runs April 25-26(th) at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.
Embedded in a low, almost geological podium of slate shards, glass and grey aluminium, the canted parallelepipeds are constructed almost entirely of contiguous glass elements held in place by a skeletal steel frame.
In Montana, two-lane highways are typically 36 feet wide - barely more than half the X-33's width from canted tail fin to canted tail fin.