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vegetable oil made from rapeseed

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By supporting the up-skilling of existing employees, the Labor Government is working with GrainCorp to ensure the effective and safe operation of the new canola processing technology.
Cargill develops specialty canola to meet grower customer needs for high-yielding, profitable crops and oils that meet consumer demand for healthy, affordable food.
Sears, a Florida physician who specializes in what he calls "integrative, anti-aging medicine," warns that canola oil has been used as an engine lubricant and in synthetic rubber and ink.
People in the test group were asked to supplement their diet with four and a half slices of canola oil-enriched whole wheat bread each day and were told to focus on eating foods with a low glycaemic index.
Though detailed tests showed marked improvement in both groups, it was found that the test group, that consumed canola oil and low-GL foods showed 0.
The word canola is a contraction of Canada and ola, meaning oil.
This analysis indicated that the most profitable location for canola production was Champion, with average net returns ranging from $67 to $189 per acre, depending on plant available soil water levels.
This is a great day for the canola industry," said Patti Miller, CCC President.
The bill would rebuff a decision by the state Department of Agriculture in February to allow up to 2,500 acres of canola - also known as rapeseed - to be grown in the existing, almost 4 million-acre "Willamette Valley Protected District," where canola previously had been entirely banned.
Supertein[TM] is a highly-soluble napin-rich canola protein isolate.
This next generation canola oil containing EPA/DHA will enable food, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement manufacturers to deliver the potential health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in a wide variety of new, cost-effective consumer products available by the end of the decade.
The oil we tend to overlook, however, is the least expensive and most widely available: canola oil.
Canola is the name given to varieties of rapeseed that are low in glucosinolates and erucic acid (Bell, 1993).
Reprint from NaturalNews) Canola oil and canola-based products have been at the center of controversy for quite a few years.
September 29 2010 - PICO Holdings Inc has entered into definitive agreements to build and operate a USD168 million canola processing plant with an integrated refinery near Hallock, Minnesota, it has been announced.