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Looking at Thomson's paintings and sketches, having myself canoed in Algonquin Park, my own conviction is that the majority of the artist's eight-by-ten-inch panels were at least conceived, if not partially or fully executed, while Thomson was in the canoe.
Emily Carr, the west coast contemporary of the Group, widely known today for her works depicting the northwest coast Indian villages and artifacts, as well as the British Columbia rainforest, does not appear to have canoed herself, nor does she mention canoes much in her stories or journal.
Landon Mackenzie, a painter currently working in Vancouver, has canoed extensively and has produced several paintings featuring canoes, beginning with Canoe/Woman, from 1988.
Sore and limping, Angelika Casteneda went from the finish line to the hospital Friday after she and two teammates swam, climbed and canoed their way to victory in a 350-mile extreme adventure through four states in five days.
They hiked through thorns and dense scrub, climbed steep rock faces, swam through swamps and canoed through all kinds of conditions.