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Synonyms for canny

Synonyms for canny

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for canny

showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others

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While other companies have announced future production plans," Canny commented, "THINK has a proven electric vehicle in mass production today, and the benefit of 30 million miles of real-world EV experience over our 20-year history.
Fr Canny, a keen five-a-side footballer added: "If they win I'll hold my head up high.
Steve Bruce has been a canny and reliable manager but he must despair at his team's fitness levels
Sadr is as canny a politician as any in the country, including Ahmad Chalabi and Ayatollah Sistani.
Maybe they will have made such canny investments in the stock market and will have enjoyed such long-lasting good health that the concept of government assistance for long-term care will seem superfluous at best, and certainly not worth an investment of precious tax dollars.
NICHOLAS CANNY Making Irish British 1580-1650 Oxford University Press, 2062, 5500 [pounds sterling]
About two years later, the foster care system approves them to receive Alfred, 10, a reticent black boy who is canny about the system.
A second group of essays by Richard McCabe, Linda Gregerson, and Nicholas Canny focuses directly on Spenser and Ireland.
They are individuals with MS, like Jimmie Heuga--and they are compassionate and canny physicians, like Dr.
But the high esteem in which Washington held Greenfield was more than just Machiavellian; as an editor, Greenfield really was capable of shucking respectability and embracing truly creative ideas, the best example being her decision to sign up Village Voice cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty to write "Washingtoon," a seemingly naive but in fact quite canny and subversive sendup of Washington politics that made an enormous hit in the 1980s.
Patrick Canny and Barbara Moore, in particular, had powerful moments together amidst the rush of ensemble activity.
a company that provides hybrid vehicle technology for commercial fleets, today announced Richard Canny has joined its board of directors.
42 (480m): Oilwell Guiness, Oilwell Whisky, Dragon Away, Romeo Turan, Canny Laura, Romeo Bacana 11.
The confusion may not be obvious, but where I come from canny is what you say if you can't do something, so Micah is well used to hearing me telling him that he canny have a drink, or an extra biscuit, for example.