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the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ

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Bedside ultrasound technology for assessment and real-time cannulation of hemodialysis (HD) vascular access (VA) has become standard of practice in several HD units in Canada and worldwide (Schoch, Du Toit, Marticorena, & Sinclair, 2015).
Due to concern for extrahepatic puncture, four or five needle passes were attempted with a 21-gauge coaxial needle through a Colapinto needle via the intrahepatic IVC inferior and posterior to the marked location without successful cannulation of the portal vein.
Arteriovenous fistula buttonhole cannulation technique: a retrospective analysis of infectious complications.
Increased first attempt cannulation success rate is good for patients, doctors, nurses and hospitals.
NZNO has acknowledged the administration of medication via any route, including IV cannulation, is within the enrolled nursing scope.
The aim of this article is to inform in regard to the advantages and the ease of the application of percutaneous right internal jugular venous cannulation (PRIJVC) in MIPs.
Arterial cannulation using a landmark palpation technique and 20-gauge cannula with guidewire failed.
By all reports, IPCM has been associated with improvements in cannulation success rates (defined as an adrenal/peripheral venous cortisol gradient of either [greater than or equal to] 5.
With concomitant cardiogenic shock, veno-arterial cannulation may be required with cannulation of the right internal jugular or femoral vein for outflow, and for inflow, the femoral artery directly or the axillary artery by a surgically placed side graft.
Among specific topics are cannulation techniques for cardiopulmonary bypass, minimally invasive cardiac surgical coronary artery bypass grafting, repairing the myxomatous degenerated mitral valve, thoracic endovascular aortic repair for descending thoracic aortic and aortic arch aneurysms, pulsatile and axial ventricular support, and heart-lung transplantation.
The use of topical anesthetics before invasive procedures, (3) particularly venepuncture and venous cannulation, has become a routine standard care in children.
I particularly enjoyed seeing the cardiology department and using the demonstration equipment to try out practical skills like cannulation.
Cycle Response Units are equipped with automated external defibrillators, intravenous cannulation and first aid equipment.
Among the total registry population of 593 patients, successful bilateral renal artery cannulation was achieved in 95%.
Funding from the SHA will be used to pay for IV cannulation trainers, a silver alloy coated catheter implementation programme, a mattress replacement programme and a commode replacement programme.