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introduce a cannula or tube into

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Cannulating ease and pain during the previous two weeks were scored by the patients on a visual analogue scale; incidence of bad sticks, oozing and rebleeding were registered as the absolute number of these events during the last two weeks of the different follow-up periods.
Verhallen AM et al Cannulating in haemodialysis: rope ladder or buttonhole technique?
We did a number of in vivo acid-base experiments in rats, and I became adept at rat surgery, intubating them, putting them on ventilators, and cannulating renal arteries and veins.
The AccuTouch system is a comprehensive physics-based training tool that uses patented haptics technology to train physicians in navigating and cannulating diverse vascular anatomy.
Secretin is also the only FDA approved drug to assist the endoscopist in identifying and cannulating the pancreatic ducts during ERCP.
By combining our peel-away and guiding introducer technologies, we are offering physicians a new industry standard for the most dependable, effective method of cannulating the difficult-to-access coronary sinus.
Interestingly, no documented scientific research could be found to support the common practice of cannulating a minimum of 5 cm (two inches) apart.
These include the skill level of the nurse (and degree of difficulty) in cannulating the patient's vein and the availability of medical staff to chart fluids.
Can you tell me about the nursing procedure of cannulating a dialysis access?
Valerie's research focused on assessing the effects of nurses cannulating arteriovenous fistulae in patients on hemodialysis using the buttonhole technique from the perspectives of both the patients and nurses.
John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, to assess the effects of cannulating AVFs using the BH technique from the patient and nurse perspective.
One of my areas of expertise was cannulating with 14-gauge angiocaths.
In 1998, the SuperCath ClampCath teflon cannula (Medikit, Japan) was used for cannulating the peripheral access for NHHD, as it was thought this cannula would cause less trauma during sleep (Ouwendyk & Pierratos, 2000).