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introduce a cannula or tube into

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Our OrthoFuzIon active antimicrobial cannulated bone screw system is the first of its kind on the market and can reduce and/or eliminate contamination of the implanted fixation devices.
Subtrochanteric fracture after cannulated screw fixation of femoral neck fractures.
At our centre, arteriovenous grafts are cannulated a minimum of three weeks after insertion.
We recommend pre-insertion ultrasound imaging in all patients, with additional Doppler spectral analysis to exclude thrombosis in previously cannulated vessels.
The kit contains 100% disposable fixation tools including awls, pedicle probes, driver shafts and industry first cannulated torque-limiting handles, ratchet and fixed driver making them ideal for MIS procedures.
The pedicle screws will be offered in cannulated and non-cannulated versions for increased clinical options.
The cannulated aspect allows for easy insertion and, as the screw is headless, it may be buried under the articular surface.
Briefly, the pulmonary artery and the left atrium were cannulated for monitoring the mean pulmonary artery pressure and the left atrial pressure, respectively.
The researchers reported four complicated cases in which patients underwent thoracotomy, were cannulated for cardiopulmonary bypass, and were cooled to 15-20[degrees] C.
The right frontonasal duct was enlarged and cannulated with a stent fashioned from a #3 Jackson metal tracheotomy tube (an inner cannula shortened with a metal saw).
MDI's core competencies include screw machining, multi axis milling, wire edm and finishing for contract machining/ manufacture of spinal and small bone implant systems: Mono and Poly Axial Screws, Cannulated Screws, Flat or Anatomic Cervical or Volar Plates and Straight or Pre-Bent Rods and various Peek Products.
The report offers analysis of the following fixation devices: locking, standard, and hybrid plate and screw constructs, intramedullary nails, compression hip screws, large, medium and small cannulated screws, monolateral, circular and hybrid external fixators.
Right coronary ostium cannulated with a 6 French JR 4 guiding catheter.
After exposure of the os acromiale, two cannulated guide wires were used to secure the fragment, and two cannulated 4.