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Synonyms for cannonade

to direct a barrage at

a concentrated outpouring, as of missiles, words, or blows

Synonyms for cannonade

intense and continuous artillery fire

attack with cannons or artillery

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sensitivity, Pantagruel gently shoos the bogeymen back to outer-darkness and informs Panurge of the recent cannonade.
We heard the initial explosions or what sounded to us as concentrated mortar cannonade or one prolonged explosion.
Before I knew it, I was being racked by sneezes as fierce as a cannonade loud enough to wake my mate Jim Rooney at the other end of the road.
From the direction of Verdun the fog-muffled rumble of cannonade gradually died away.
Hamilton handles massive ideas with enviable ease, manipulates plots and characters to spring constant surprises, and brings the trilogy to a climax with a cannonade of fire-cracker finales.
Further success is almost assured, but she will probably fall some way short of her namesake, a multiple winner at the top level in the US and an outstanding sire whose progeny included the great champion Spectacular Bid and Kentucky Derby winner Cannonade.
They may consequently hope to mask their erstwhile culpable collusion with a more recent democratic veneer and cannonade against dictatorship.
After the newly crowned Mohammad Ali Shah subjected the Majlis to a cannonade and the country sank into civil war in 1908, sundry women took up arms and fought, disguised as men, on the side of the constitutionalists.
My ears are ringing, there is a spinning and reeling in my head from the cannonade of bullets and the clank of steel-jacketed metal tearing steel.
After an opening cannonade, a crash of thunder at noon heralded a torrential downpour of rain that lasted half an hour.
They have fired off a cannonade of protest letters against the Lord of Alnwick Castle, together with a 230-name petition opposing his application.
These young warriors were involved in the cannonade by shoreline batteries along the Hudson River directed at the British frigates HMS Phoenix and HMS Rose as they attempted to ascend the river in July and August 1776.
This was the case at Second Cahuenga Pass, where the insurgents sheltered themselves from Micheltorena's cannonade in a ravine, as well as the sureno-norteno conflicts of 1837-38, where combatants turned structures into small forts.
That we no longer refer to this time as the "Augustan" age, for example, is largely due to Weinbrot's cannonade of evidence showing that eighteenth-century authors drew from a broad pool of non-Latin influences, Hebrew, Greek, Teutonic, Celtic, and so forth.