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metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour


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24am a gas cannister which had been left in the eaves suspended above the entrance lobby exploded violently.
He was found guilty of possession of the CS gas cannister and fined pounds 150.
And now they are trying to trace the cannister which contains a red powder dye that will leak when the security seal is breached.
EXPLODING gas cannisters gave firefighters an extra hazard to contend with as they tackled a Redcar flat blaze.
Sean Connolly, of Marsh Lane, Shepley, is charged with using a cannister of pepper spray - which contains a chemical irritant - in Wakefield Road, Clayton West, on Christmas Eve.
The cause of the original fire is not known but the cannister was not located near any other gas cylinders.
He pleaded guilty to three offences of possessing an offensive weapon on the bypass in Newcastle on September 9 last year - the first relating to a knife, the second to one CS gas cannister and the third to four CS gas cannisters.
Kertis Johnson - also a close friend of the millionairess singer - was facing a trial after police found a cannister of banned CS gas in his jacket.
A blow torch cannister the pair had been using for a spot of DIY blew up.
Firefighters found the ferocity of the car park blaze had shattered a 13kg propane cannister, causing the explosion.
When officers arrived at their Stockbridge Village home, his former girlfriendMichelle Blackhall handed over a gas cannister for the weapon.
Matthews continued to deny being involved in drug dealing even after a search of the house turned up sophisticated drug lists and sets of scales, a CS gas cannister and an air rifle.
The gas cannister explosion tore through the end bungalow at around 11.
A GAS cannister exploded after two sheds were set on fire in a suspected arson attack.
Less than an hour later Gregory returned to the party armed with a gas cannister.