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Synonyms for canny

Synonyms for canny

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for canny

showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others

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The form of the land, its topography, is never stable and is therefore beyond the map and "reliable" knowledge for those like Kanai (it does not represent the unknowable for Fokir though, and this differential knowability marks the uncanny perceptions of the land in Kanai and the easy canniness of Fokir).
It requires talent but also canniness and composure.
The Swiss had an even earlier exit, although not before they had become the only side to beat eventual winners Spain in a manner which showed wily coach Ottmar Hitzfeld has lost none of his canniness.
The oft-told stories of birds getting up when a hunter is astraddle a fence or has stopped to relieve bladder pressure aren't a tribute to gamebird canniness.
Strauss deserves much of the credit, according to Bresnan, who cited the posting of a short-leg to see off Michael Clarke in Thursday's four-wicket win in Cardiff as an example of the captain's canniness.
Denney adds nuance to their stories by demonstrating the canniness with which they orchestrated their public images.
However, through rhetorical canniness, Portia succeeds in influencing her wider audience to act mercifully.
They know that if they give me a scholarship they'll make it up in the publicity, she told Lydia who marveled at her canniness.
A good example of true Scottish canniness and a sensible compromise.
Add to that a canniness that is ingrained in the national psyche.
Showing the kind of natural canniness necessary to become one of the superrich, the Midlands moguls saw the signs of the economic storm coming - and battened the hatches accordingly.
Ozpetek's own in-between identity, both as a gay man and as a displaced person, is reflected in his works that address with humor and canniness the notion of foreignness itself, the way in which it is played out and staged by the Other, and how it is perceived by the native communities.
Both illustrate the canniness and acuity required in seeking to understand the theatrical modes and methods of the late medieval and early modern period.
I would be remiss not to offer a very special thanks to Richard Larsen from Ventura, California, whose generosity and canniness were in evidence at nearly every turn in Kansas City.
Totally self-absorbed as he is, he lacks his mother's canniness, her finger on the public pulse.