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But Hancock's favourite is the November 30 picture when the moustache is in full bloom - David's Einstein impression in which he looks cannily like the zany genius physicist.
Cannily, the Conservatives have selected Chris Davies, a vet who lives near Hay-on-Wye and is also a regular main ring commentator at the Royal Welsh Show.
This will not surprise anyone since everyone has reassured themselves of his stubbornness and his cannily anti ethnic Albanian plans.
Cannily, the six candidate flavours' trial runs even extended to the increasingly lucrative market for multipacks--and although Walkers has unwittingly flooded pound stores' bargain bins with unwanted squirrel, the Leicester crisp king has got a whole lot of PR crunch--and consumer goodwill--for its cash.
Guinness is in the latter style but very cannily has a fresh bitter taste not a sweet finish of many stouts.
Though they represent broader schisms in Italian society, the siblings and their associates have many more humanizing edges and curves, and their personal conflicts cannily complement rather than just reflect the larger issues of their world.
He improved radically last year and Forster has cannily kept his handicap mark intact all season by aiming for one race alone - the Grand National.
Ian cannily chose Jo O'Meara, formerly of pop group S Club 7, as well as Jade Goody and her boyfriend Jack, to join him in singing one of his old band's hits, Deeper Shade of Blue.
Clearly such seductive visualisations will be challenging to realise in practice, but after the complexities of Wolfsburg (AR April 2006), and given that Hadid is cannily accumulating experience of building in Italy with her ongoing Contemporary Art Centre in Rome, if anyone can pull off a coup in Cagliari, she can.
Over the years, Kids Can Press has also been a leader in creating engaging and informative non-fiction in attractive and identifiable series, often cannily linked to curriculum to help the books reach the widest possible market market.
For, rather than a self-portrait, what Marie NDiaye puts on stage here is the dream of a self-portrait, in a text that plays cannily with narrative meaning, refusing conventional strategies of coherence, and proclaiming again and again its own "greenness.
A scholar of cultural, feminist, dramatic, and postcolonial theory, Godiwala introduce the work of 20th-century British dramatist Gems, whom she finds to be cannily on the pulse of the cultural moment.
But as he cannily, and pointedly remarks: "For us to play them in a final, and then at home in a league game, is testament to how far little old Wigan have come.
He was an astute reader of situations, able to cannily reduce everything to a charming and efficient sentence.
The Republicans, Frank continues, cannily focus their rhetoric on symbolic battles--against abortion, gay rights, teaching evolution that they aren't likely to win.