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Synonyms for canny

Synonyms for canny

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

careful in the use of material resources

Synonyms for canny

showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others

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Our Homes Editor Zena Ali will judge the canniest cleaning tips and reveal the winning tip in the Daily Mirror on Monday 22 April and online on Sunday 21 April.
The recession has upped the stakes in the battle for the hearts and pounds of shoppers and only the canniest generals are enjoying the taste of victory.
Singh named outgoing Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, 73, regarded as one of India's canniest politicians, to the Finance Ministry to steer the revival of the economy which has slowed as a result of the global financial crisis.
Or chart the dispiriting progression as a Mick "Street Fighting Man" Jagger turns himself into one of the canniest businessmen who ever fronted a band?
In my introduction to the spring/summer 2005 issue of JNCHC, I cited an essay called "The Organization Kid" by David Brooks, a columnist with whom I do not always agree on matters political but who is, in my view, one of the canniest commentators on education in America.
But at pounds 13,770 it's going to test the wallets of all but the canniest boy racers.
The Russians, inured to violence by decades of war, civil war, and brutal power-struggles, are the canniest players in Szara's world if not necessarily the wisest.
The misconception has enjoyed considerable currency in large part owing to precisely such fears harbored by Alexis de Tocqueville, who was moved by them to visit the United States and to write De la democratie en Amerique, probably the canniest analysis of American culture and political mimic ever written by a non-American.
Most important, perhaps, I have learned that self-consciousness is an aspect of narrative which may be more or less pronounced in a given time or a given place, but which in any case is constantly and readily available to storytellers, and is lustily exploited by the canniest among them.
A young newcomer, Bob (Peter Facinelli), is shocked by Larry's needling, profane demeanor; Bob is a devout Christian and apparently naive, but he may turn out to be the canniest salesman in the room.
Perhaps one of Peterson's canniest personnel coups was the hiring of Pauline R.
By its own admission, its canniest and most enlightened counsel concerns 9- to 11-year-olds and the pedagogy is calm and rational.
Perhaps the canniest non-entertainment investment Rank ever made was 40 years ago when the company bought a one-third interest in distributing Xerox products outside North and South America.
New Blues boss Roberto Martinez was handed some of those funds, and the PS13m spent on James McCarthy could prove one of Everton's canniest pieces of transfer business.