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Synonyms for cannibalize

eat human flesh

use parts of something to repair something else

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and when 3rd instars were allowed to cannibalize eggs and 1st instars, their pupal weights were significantly larger than those of 3rd instars that had no opportunity to cannibalize.
The two maintainers checked out the required tools and went to work at approximately 2200, knowing they only would have about five hours to cannibalize the good actuator from one aircraft and install it on the other, perform leak and operational checks, and take a hydraulic contamination sampling.
In the present experiments we investigated cannibalistic tendencies among equally sized pairs of unfed hatchlings and provided them no choice other than to cannibalize or to die from starvation.
Business leaders have rationalized that sales generated through their Web site will cannibalize sales that they otherwise would have captured in their traditional channel, negating the value of their Internet investment," said Ken Cassar, a senior analyst with Jupiter's Digital Commerce Strategies group.
It's not worth the discount to let them cannibalize my customer base," she says.
The same set of assumptions is operating here, that dark people are beyond the pale, that they can't help but cannibalize their own kind, and that the best thing is to cut them loose.
Previously, PCC was forced to purchase additional old units and cannibalize them because replacement parts for the old machines were no longer manufactured.
While Roche is forecast to extend its leading position within the cancer market through strong sales of MabThera, Avastin, Herceptin, Pegasys and Tarceva, increasing genericization is expected to cannibalize AstraZeneca's cancer franchise.
Tsaka na lang sinabi na cannibalize pagdating sa PNP," he said.
While Basement Jaxx scoured the globe for odd sounds, Dutch ensemble Soulwax cannibalize their own back catalog on Nite Sessions.
The biggest problem was overdevelopment; so many locations sprouted up that the stores began to cannibalize themselves.
Using a largely common body structure, the company has designed two vehicles that look completely different and should appeal to distinctly different market segments--the Five Hundred to traditional big sedan customers and the Freestyle to minivan and SUV owners looking for something more carlike--deftly getting around the traditional problem of common-platform vehicles being look-alikes that cannibalize each other's customers.
You have to compete based on system-wide adaptability; you have to be in a state of constant change and continually cannibalize your business, unlearn old habits and shed behaviors that are no longer productive' he said.
Two items that demonstrate equal loyalty based on panel data measures may actually cannibalize at very different rates because one has many fewer direct substitutes than the other.
The extent to which the transition to RFID could potentially cannibalize Intermec's existing bar code business;