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a person who eats human flesh

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The oppressively self-enclosed landscape comprised of cannibal shepherds and their human cattle in A Modest Proposal might distract our attention from the more acceptable cannibalistic alternatives represented by the allusions to the ancient Scythian ancestors of the modern Irish, to the fearsome and patriotic "Topinamboo" and, last but not least, to the English, who would "eat up" the whole Irish nation without the aid of condiments.
She also explores "modern day" cannibal stories, which include germs and contamination, Cold War narratives and vampire tales, Mad Cow disease, eating disorders, serial killers, and the consumption of culture.
But ``The Hills Have Eyes,'' a Wes Craven-produced remake of his 1977 mutant cannibal bloodbath, gets the basics right.
Cannibal Corpse, because if Bert and I were going to sit down and listen to a record it would be Cannibal Corpse.
Professor Monroe (Robert Kerman) in Cannibal Holocaust
For Weil, the cannibal (that is, all of us) can be redeemed only through a sacralizing transformation for which the vocabulary of sacrifice remains uniquely appropriate.
Through his descriptions of cannibalism, central to the celebration of the civilizing mission, Ballantyne addresses the fraught questions of the evidence and signification of cannibal practices.
The Sign of the Cannibal shows Melville to be a writer for our times, distressed by ethnocentrism and devoted to challenging the colonial discourse of his day.
Previous research has revealed that distinct cannibal morphs are triggered by starvation (in some ciliates and cellular slime molds: Waddell 1992), diet (in rotifers and spade-foot toad tadpoles: Gilbert 1973, Pfennig 1990), and crowding with conspecifics (in larval tiger and Hynobius retardatus salamanders: Collins and Cheek 1983, Nishihara 1996).
The now classic descriptions by Powers (1907) of tiger salamander phenotypes encompass branchiate cannibal and typical morphs, including both larvae and paedotypic animals (terminology of intraspecific heterochrony following Reilly et al.
by will stewart A CANNIBAL couple killed and ate at least 30 people - and took selfie shots of their garnished human dishes.
Because of its careless indulgence in violence, the Cannibal writers' work generated a lively debate among the critics.
And it comes on the back of similar flying ant and cannibal spider explosions.
Cowboys v cannibals as the everexcellent Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson try to rescue a group of captives, including Wilson's wife, from cannibal cave dwellers.
It makes sense, of course; if you've got cannibals in your movie, put them front and centre -- especially because flesh-eating headhunters have been sadly absent from the big screen since the brief explosion of the genre in the early 80s (sparked off by Cannibal Holocaust , which earns a special mention in the end-credits crawl).