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a factory where food is canned

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Not only could the technique cut the cost of bringing water to canneries, but it might also reduce the expense of recycling the water or properly disposing of it.
At the time, Pelican Packers was one of the first micro-canneries to offer fishermen an alternative to selling their catch to the large canneries.
They're shutting down the bigger canneries, and the smaller ones have long since disappeared.
Later references mention absent friends working in canneries and sawmills and logging.
Beyond Cannery Row portrays life as remembered by the Sicilian women who worked in the sardine canneries of Monterey, California, during the first half of the twentieth century.
Spanish canneries produce more canned tuna than any other European Union country, and they are now setting their sights across the Atlantic to Latin America, the United States and Canada.
THE PHILIPPINES -- The last few years have been a struggle for tuna canneries in the East Asia region.
Doc Puccinelli, owner of one of the canneries in San Pedro in the early part of the century, made a huge pot of cioppino each day to feed his workers.
Alicja Muszynski's study of cannery workers in British Columbia explores the historical development of a labour force shaped by gender and racial divisions that permeated everything from recruitment (as individuals, villages, or contract labour), to tenure in the canneries (seasonal or full-year), rates of pay (with separate and unequal rates for Aboriginal, Chinese, Japanese and white men and women), living conditions (in segregated buildings of differenial quality), and forms of resistance.
displaced from major fishing sites, were compelled to work in the fish canneries.
In addition, Heinz operates seafood canneries in Puerto Rico, Ecuador and American Samoa.
canneries was received at canneries in America Samoa and California (Table 1).
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Frozen Peas for the period from 25-04-2015 to 31-07-2015 by Markfed Canneries, Jalandhar
With the El Nino effect now "official", canneries are very worried about the supply position and most factories have now withdrawn all new offers.
Foreign canneries can legally use the `dolphin safe' label, if they meet the same strong dolphin-safe standards that the US tuna fleet and other fleets do -- no chasing and netting of any dolphins.