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tubular pasta filled with meat or cheese

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Again this was of a good size - we were both suitably full up not to require a desert - and the texture of the cannelloni was pleasant and again there was no skimping on the cheese.
Living up to my expectations, the cannelloni is gooey and so rich that it almost seals the deal.
The cannelloni pasta also tasted good with a generous dose of melted cheese and a medley of veggies with boiled vegetables and sauteed mushroom on the sides.
Otherwise all is splendid; my Cannelloni is spot-on, although a little on the large size, which can never be a serious complaint in Nicosia.
As it's fresh, it is soft and much more pliable than the cannelloni tubes you can get as dried pasta, which can be quite awkward to fill because they are so hard and brittle.
Pipe equal amounts of both mixtures into each cannelloni tube.
450g (1lb) lean minced beef 1 onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 tsp dried oregano 350g (12oz) tub tomato and basil sauce 225g (8oz) frozen chopped spinach, cooked 1 egg, yolk only 3 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese 350g (12oz) tub bechamel sauce 12 dried cannelloni tubes SERVES: 4.
600g ricotta, 250g frozen spinach (thawed), 2tbsp chopped basil, 1tsp dried oregano, 45g Parmesan (grated), salt and pepper (to taste), cannelloni tubes, 80g mozzarella (gra- ted), salad or garlic bread (optional, to serve)
The additions include Beef Cannelloni, Florentine Style in Marinara Sauce (8.
Serve the cannelloni, sprinkled with the extra basil, with the tomato sauce.
Our freshly-made semolina flour cannelloni is filled with grilled natural white meat chicken, spinach and custom Impastata Ricotta, Fontina, Aged Parmesan, imported Pecorino Romano and Asiago cheeses," intones the box of Buitoni Riserva Grilled Chicken & Spinach Cannelloni.
My crayfish tail, asparagus and spring onion cannelloni was crunchy yet delicate, while the fillet of venison with poached blackberries worked brilliantly.
Why not try making cannelloni stuffed with spinach and almonds using Rachel's Greek Style Natural Yogurt, smoked mackerel & avocado pate with Rachel's Organic Creme Fraiche or carrot and ginger soup with Rachel's new Greek Style Ginger Yogurt.
Sales of frozen Italian-style pasta dishes, notably cannelloni and lasagne, are booming in Germany, and Bitburg-based Giacobbe Pasta GmbH continues to cater to the trend.
I doubt whether Josh Sole - born in Hamilton, New Zealand - and Australian duo Kristopher Burton and Luke McLean were crying into their cannelloni, sobbing through mouthfuls of spaghetti or lamenting over plates of linguini when Jack Charlton's boys upset the Azzurri.