cannel coal

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a bituminous coal that burns with a luminous flame

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The deposit was a cannel coal very similar to, but somewhat older than, Linton, and the source was a surface mine that was in its last days of operation.
Younger in age than the famous assemblage from the lycopsid stumps at Joggins (Pennsylvanian: Bashkirian: Langsettian), vertebrate fossils from Florence generally are better preserved than those from loggins and more or less coeval with the Linton cannel coal, so that meaningful comparisons between the Florence and Linton assemblages could be made.
It was, however, with cannel coal that the mine registered its greatest success.
Using these techniques it has been relatively straightforward to distinguish between jet and lignite on the one hand, and cannel coal and shale on the other, thanks to their differering parent materials and formation processes.
The results so far have revealed that both Whitby jet and other materials such as cannel coal had been used from the Neolithic onwards, indicating that the export of jet from Whitby, and its emulation in locally-available substitute materials, is of considerable antiquity.
Excavation of an Early Bronze Age cist cemetery at West Water Reservoir, Peeblesshire, has uncovered a unique two-strand necklace, with one stripes of cannel coal disc beads and another of lead beads, buried around the neck of a young child.
Not only was Dawson correct in his observations of the origin of coal, but he clearly grasped what Huxley had not: that coal beds are not homogenous, and that cannel coals have compositions very different from humic coals derived from peat.