canned hunt

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a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections

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But, at some point, that zoo asked if it could sell the animal to the NBJ Ranch, which has been identified as hosting canned hunts - inviting hunters onto their grounds to shoot game animals.
The coalition of groups opposed to canned hunts is diverse, including animal protection, hunting, environmental, zoological, and conservation organizations, as well as many state wildlife agencies.
For this reason, canned hunt operations can offer guaranteed trophies and typically advertise as 'no kill, no pay.
The Senate Game and Fish Committee passed a bill today that will inhibit efforts to stop canned hunts and potential disease threats from captive animals to wildlife populations in the state.
Honest, open policies that could be considered, such as mandating sterilization for all surplus, using surplus ungulates as feed for large carnivores, euthanasia, and overfly using surplus animals for canned hunts or medicinal markets, are discussed.
Don't get scared off by the mention of ranch hunting; not all are canned hunts.
According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the surplus animals are often euthanized or used for target practice at canned hunts.
LEWIS BLACK: RED WHITE AND SCREWED -- HBO -- For his unique and biting mockery of canned hunts.
The full horror of canned hunts was described to the Sunday People by undercover investigator Gareth Patterson.
Boom Boom, however, was won by a purported game hunter from Texas, where canned hunts are legal.
But 2005 has already gotten off to a promising start with top-rated show 'CSI' creating a compelling and provocative episode about the disgraceful 'sport' known as canned hunts.
Senate Bill 1655, the Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act, introduced by Senator Joe Biden (D-DE), will prohibit the interstate sale or transport of exotic mammals for the purpose of canned hunts.
Amazingly, even traditional pro-hunting organisations condemn these canned hunts for their lack of fair chase.