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According to the Macedonian Association of Processors (MAP), the export of canned foods is steadily growing.
For more information about canned food research, facts, resources, the canning process, family mealtime solutions, recipes that use canned foods and more, visit Mealtime.
com/research/dj4z7k/global_canned) has announced the addition of the "Global Canned Food Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
Canned foods have always had an image of reliability and affordability, but these strengths are being increasingly challenged by other factors.
Our social media phase with Facebook and Pinterest has already been launched, and in February once a week The Chew will have segments talking about the benefits of including canned foods in the diet," adds Rosenblatt.
The full study report, "No Silver Lining: An Investigation Into Bisphenol A in Canned Foods," is available at www.
The study concluded that the production and delivery of frozen foods consumes at least 50 percent more energy than that of canned foods, while refrigerated food production uses between 1 percent and 5 percent more energy that that of canned.
The findings revealed that in many cases canned foods provided similar amounts of vitamins and minerals as the fresh equivalents.
This is of concern to NEPA; we believe that the current food safety standards for canned foods not only have worked extremely well, but also are well understood by industry and inspect ors"
Rose of Lima Church in Simi Valley, said the church's religious education students hold scavenger hunts and ask residents for canned foods rather than shoelaces, light bulbs or sticks of chewing gum.
Many canned foods on supermarket shelves contain small quantities of an estrogenlike pollutant, a new study reports.
This Key Note Market Report Update examines the canned foods industry in the UK; it calculates that the market grew by 2.
Although the canned foods market has, traditionally benefited from economic downturns, it has failed to profit from the current crisis.
For instance, convenience offered by canned foods is highly valued by consumers, but other benefits, such as health and nutritional advantages are often ignored.