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Synonyms for canned

recorded for broadcast

sealed in a can or jar


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When it comes to future rollouts of canned products, "we have concentrated on introducing new line extensions of products we already have, based on customer preferences," he explains.
Home canned food tastes better, especially since it contains your favorite varieties of vegetables or fruits, instead of generic or substitute ingredients (such as commercially canned pumpkin containing other kinds of winter squash), and the ingredients are all fresh.
00 credit towards the fine upon donation of 10 cans of non-perishable canned goods.
Canned foods contain the same important nutrients--sometimes even more--as fresh foods, and they can help you fit more fruits, vegetables, and seafood into your diet, at a lower cost.
With this new can line we will be able to get our canned beer out more consistently than ever before.
New York, Aug 16 ( ANI ): Canned beers are always better than bottled ones especially when you are outdoors - be it camping or on a hike.
With all the marketing claims about the virtues of canned and dry food, it can be daunting to choose between them.
Michigan State University (MSU) has released a study underscoring the pivotal role of canned foods in the helping address the fight against obesity.
A: The growing demand for canned food across the country, helped along by times of war along with technology that pushed can making into the automated realm, has led to a job demand within the can-making, food production and packaging industries.
New research from Mintel finds sales of hot canned meats * are steaming.
canned fish market is a stable one, though decreases from some sectors suggest that the global credit crunch could be making its mark on consumer spending power in the country.
The canned food market is in slight growth of just under 1%, taking the market value to 1.
FFT says the total market for canned food in Western Europe for 2005 was us$49-billion.
Chickpeas, canned potatoes (drained), green beans, black olives (drained), and tomato sauce